Double Horn vs. the State of Texas

They won!  

Congratulations, City of Double Horn!

Daily Tribune

"[Judge Evan] Stubbs, on multiple occasions during the hearing, questioned the motives of the Texas Attorney General’s Office in pursuing a case against the new city.

“Why does the (attorney general) care? Because the AG didn’t seem to care when Meadowlakes incorporated. The AG didn’t seem to care when a bunch of these other towns incorporated. So why does the AG seem to care here?” Stubbs asked.
“Either a group of these people that have voted against incorporation have been pounding on your door to get you to file this, which is one option,” Stubbs said. “Or, the second is that this multimillion-dollar company out of New York has been pounding on your door to get you to file this. And I really hope it’s the first because if it’s the latter, it really seems like you’re using taxpayer dollars to seek a monetary benefit for some New York corporation at the expense of all these people in this room, and, realistically, you’re using my tax dollars for that.”

Stubbs, in denying the lawsuit, said using state taxpayer money for the benefit of an out-of-state company is “just wrong.”

Austin American Statesman

"With a stern admonishment to the Texas attorney general’s office, state District Judge Evan Stubbs ruled Wednesday for the newly incorporated city of Double Horn in a lawsuit that challenged the validity of the city’s status.

“Your motion for summary judgment, discovery and all of those things will ultimately cause these defendants a huge expense at the cost of taxpayer dollars,” Stubbs said to Ken Richardson, who was representing Paxton’s office. “So you’re asking me to authorize a lawsuit so you can bury these people in pleadings and paperwork?”

Stubbs said the city’s response appears to show that Double Horn is “a proper city” and the state’s lawsuit constitutes “an abuse of (its) office” to pursue a lawsuit that will ultimately show the city was properly incorporated."